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Renew, Replace, Update and Expired Licences

Renewing a Licence – when and how to renew

The Registrar’s licensing department will send you an advisory letter two months before your licence is due to expire. The expiry date is also listed on your licence. It is important that your application to renew is received by the Registrar BEFORE the licence expires otherwise you will have to apply as if it were a new licence, and will have to pay the new licence fee, not the lower-cost renewal fee.

Note to Security Guards, if you have a Security Worker Licence under Supervision, your licence will expire 90 days after issue. You may not apply for this licence type again – your next step would be to apply for a full security guard licence once you have met all the requirements. When you are ready to apply, you are going to be upgrading to a full security guard licence.

Lost or Stolen Licence

Under the Security Services Act, you must carry your licence whenever you are providing security services. Should your licence be lost or stolen, you should request a replacement immediately. There is a nominal fee for this and the processing time is usually within a week. If you have an e-mail address, the licensing department can email you an electronic copy of the licence which you may print out and carry until the replacement arrives. Note, the expiry date does not change on a replacement licence. It will be identical to the one you misplaced or stolen. To request a replacement licence use the form:

Note: Should you need to replace your current licence and you notice it is to expire in a month anyway, it is advisable to send in a renewal form right away instead of the request for a replacement licence. This will save you paying the replacement fee and then, soon after, the renewal fee.

Updating Information on Your Current Licence or Updating Registrar's Records

Keeping your licence and records with the Registrar current is mandatory under the Security Services Act. If you change residence, or you have new criminal charges or convictions against you, the Registrar must be notified within 14 days of the change in circumstance. Other changes you must report to the Registrar are a change in your legal name, contact information, peace officer status change, or mental condition.

An update also includes the opportunity for you to submit a new photograph for your licence (a new photograph is optional except for every fifth year when you must submit a new photograph either via an update or renewal), and includes the opportunity to add or change a licence type. If any update changes the actual licence itself, so a new one must be printed and mailed to you, there is a cost involved. Other changes are made only to the records held by the Registrar and incur no cost. To update your licence use the form:

Expired Licenced

Under the Security Services Act, you must carry a current licence whenever you are providing security services. Should your licence expire, you may not provide security services until you have a current licence again. You may not renew an expired licence. You must complete the application for a NEW security licence and pay the full fee for a new licence. For more information see the Guide for Getting and Keeping Your Security Worker Licence. When you read the guide you will find that certain documentation does not have to be sent in again. If your licence is approved by the Registrar, it will be issued carrying the same licence number as the expired licence.

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