Ministry of Justice

Provincial Policing Standards

Amendments to Section 40 of the Police Act came into force January 2, 2012 to allow the government to create binding standards on police and to evaluate compliance with the standards.

Most of the new policing standards come into effect on January 30, 2012, but some come into effect on later dates. The standards developed to date are posted here for your information only and you will find the effective dates within each standard.

All the standards can be downloaded in a single document:

Below are links to the various provincial policing standards.

1. Use of Force

Section Title Number Download Document
1.1 Firearms 1.1.1 Firearms and Ammunitions
1.2 Intermediate Weapons 1.2.1P Intermediate Weapon Approval Process
    1.2.2 Intermediate Weapons
1.3 Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs) 1.3.1 Threshold and Circumstances of Use
    1.3.2 Approved CEW Models
    1.3.3 Internal CEW Controls and Monitoring
    1.3.4 Medical Assistance to CEW Discharges
    1.3.5 CEW Testing
1.4 Intentionally left blank.    
1.5 Intentionally left blank.    
1.6 Intentionally left blank.    
1.7 Reporting and Investigating Following the Use of Force 1.7.1 Reporting and Investigation Following the Use of Weapons
1.8 Intentionally left blank.    
1.9 Use-of-Force Model 1.9.1 Use-of-Force Model and Techniques


2. Training for Police Officers

Section Title Number Download Document
2.1 Recruit and Advanced Training 2.1.1 Recruit and Advanced Training
2.2 Exemptions 2.2.1 P Exemption Process
2.3 Appeals 2.3.1 P Process for Appealing Decision of the Director of the Police Academy


3. Training Courses and Development

Section Title Number Download Document
3.1 Intentionally left blank.    
3.2 Provincially Approved Training Courses 3.2.1 CEW Operator Training
    3.2.2 CID Training


4. Equipment and Facilities

Section Title Number Download Document
4.1 Video Surveillance Recording in Police Buildings 4.1.1 Video Surveillance Recording in Police Buildings