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A final version of the BC Policing and Community Safety Plan is now available.

The province is made up of many types of communities – from highly populated, large urban centres to small villages with low population density. The residents of each community or region have varying policing needs which are reflected in how policing is delivered throughout the province.

We receive police services from: an RCMP provincial force; 63 RCMP municipal forces; 11 independent municipal police departments; one First Nations administered force and the RCMP federal force.

There are also several police agencies and integrated teams that provide supplemental or enhanced policing services to areas in B.C. For example, the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service is a designated police unit in the Lower Mainland. There are also enhanced police services at the Vancouver and Victoria International Airports.

For information on the various police forces and agencies, see Description of Policing in B.C.

For information on the funding the various levels of policing in B.C., see Policing Agreements and Funding.

Policing in B.C. is administered by the Ministry of Justice, Police Services Division. The division’s responsibilities are outlined on the About Us page of this website.

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