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Responsible Driver Program

The Responsible Driver Program is a remedial program for drivers who have received alcohol or drug related prohibitions. The Province of B.C., in partnership with Stroh Health Care, delivers the program to participants referred to them by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

A driver may have their driving record reviewed for a possible referral to the RDP as a result of the following driving events:

  • One alcohol-related impaired driving conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada, (s. 249 - 261) or the Motor Vehicle Act;
  • One drug-related impaired driving conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada
  • One Administrative Driving Prohibition;
  • One 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP);
  • One 30-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP);
  • Three 24-hour Prohibitions (within 5 years);
  • A combination of any three of the following Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (within 5 years): 24-hour prohibition, 3-day IRP or 7-day IRP.

If following a review of your driving record, you have been referred to the RDP you will receive a letter from the Superintendent advising you of the steps required to complete the program and regain full driving privileges.  This letter will include your driving record and the information to apply for a reconsideration of your referral decision.

  • If your licence is currently suspended due to a Criminal Code conviction, you will be unable to re-apply for a driver's licence until you successfully completed the program.
  • The letter you receive regarding your requirement to attend the program will outline what has been decided about your driving privileges.

After you pay the enrolment fee for the program, you go through a structured screening assessment interview. Based on this initial assessment, you are directed to one of two program components:

  1. An 8-hour education session in a classroom setting; or
  2. A 16-hour group counselling program, scheduled over a three-month period.

The initial assessment may also be used to inform the Superintendent’s decision about referral to the Ignition Interlock Program.  Upon completion of the program component you are assigned to, a final report regarding your participation in the program is considered by the Superintendent in reaching a decision on your fitness to drive. Some drivers will be allowed to apply for a full-privilege driver's licence, while others will be required to have (or continue to drive with) an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle.

If someone is denied a driver's licence they can apply for a review of that decision. See Disputes, Appeals and Reviews for information.

If you wish to seek a reconsideration of a referral to the Responsible Driver Program, see Reconsideration of a Referral to Remedial Programs.  


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