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Metal Recycling: Rules and Requirements

The Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act was passed by Royal Assent on November 24, 2011, and will be brought into force by regulation beginning July 23, 2012. The new regulatory law is designed to help deter and track metal thieves, minimize regulatory costs for the recycling industry by introducing a no-cost registration system, and protect the personal information of those who sell metal to scrap dealers.

This province-wide approach is being put in place to increase accountability of dealers and sellers.  The legislation eliminates the inconsistencies resulting from varying municipal requirements across the province. The new metal dealers and recyclers provincial program provides a clear and consistent approach, assisting the municipalities and the industry to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

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Background Information

Privacy Information For People Who Sell Scrap Metal

Although metal dealers and recyclers must supply police with the purchase transaction information outlined above, the seller's privacy is protected. Sellers will only be identified to police by a unique customer code (created by the business when recording the transaction). Only by court order will the seller's personal information be released to the police.

The privacy parameters of this legislation were developed in consultation with the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

See the Protection of Seller’s Personal Information section for further details.

Compliance with the Act

Once the act and regulations are in effect, metal dealers and recyclers across British Columbia will be required to register with the province if they purchase and receive non-ferrous metals, such as copper and other metal objects, that are typically targeted by metal thieves. In addition, metal dealers and recyclers will have to maintain complete records for transactions involving regulated metals and share the information with police. The transaction information must be kept for a minimum of one year. The law will prohibit metal dealers and recyclers from buying regulated scrap metal from any seller unable or unwilling to provide the required information. Inspectors will be appointed to ensure compliance and will have the authority to issue penalties for failing to comply with the regulations.

See the Compliance section for further details.