Ministry of Justice

Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB)

Catering Licence

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch issues licences to catering companies so that they may provide a full range of food and beverage services to their clients. Licensed caterers can purchase, transport, and sell liquor, and maintain a liquor inventory.

Licensed caterers must ensure that the primary focus of their business is preparing and serving food. They must have the personnel and infrastructure necessary to prepare and serve food at events hosted by others. This includes the requirement to have a full commercial kitchen at their business location.

If you have a food-primary or liquor-primary licence, you may be eligible to apply for a catering endorsement. Please refer to catering endorsements for food-primary licences or liquor-primary licences for more information.

Event planners, promoters, and bartending services are not eligible for a catering licence.

Except for events held at a residence, anytime you are selling and serving liquor purchased under your licence at a catered event, you must submit a request for a Catering Authorization to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch online via the OneStop Business Registry.

Steps to take to get a catering licence?

  Determine Your Eligibility
Know What Documentation You Require
  Find Out How Much Your Licence Will Cost
  Submit Your Application
  Learn About the Application Process
  Determine What Additional Approvals You’ll Need
  Learn About Your Responsibilities as a Licensee
step8   Find Out About Inspections
  Get More Information