Ministry of Justice

Preventing Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth

Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week – March 9 - 15, 2015

The week recognizes the importance of supporting communities to develop prevention, education, enforcement and intervention strategies to address the sexual exploitation of children and youth. Activities include a fuchsia ribbon campaign and local school and community-based events held throughout the province.

Assistant Deputy Ministers' (ADM) Committee on Prostitution and the Sexual Exploitation of Youth

In 2006, the ADM committee partnered with the National Crime Prevention Centre to offer funding to communities seeking to develop and implement three-year comprehensive and coordinated community action plans to address prostitution and the sexual exploitation of children and youth. Grants totaling approximately $400,000 were provided to B.C. programs working to prevent the sexual exploitation of women, children and youth.

Children of the Street Society (

The Children of the Street Society, funded by the ministry, develops public awareness and prevention strategies for youth, families, educators, and service providers. It offers a number of school-based programs, resources and supports for parents, caregivers and Community Action Teams across B.C.

Community Action Teams (CAT)

CATs are groups of service providers and community partners who are working to develop local strategies to address prostitution and sexual exploitation. While working towards the goal of eliminating the exploitation of children and youth through prostitution, CATs also focus on harm reduction and improving the working and living conditions for adult prostitutes. Activities include prevention and education, service coordination and legal/enforcement approaches.

Community Action Teams are comprised of service providers such as police, social workers, and health professionals; representatives from municipal and provincial governments; educators and school administrators; parents; youth; and non-profit agencies.

Taking Action Handouts and Sexual Exploitation Toolkit

Click here to download Taking Action Handouts

Taking Action is a series of six handouts for communities addressing sexual exploitation of children and youth. The handouts were developed by the Justice Institute of B.C. with funding provided by the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. Individuals and groups wanting to take action in their communities on issues related to the sexual exploitation of children and youth may use these handouts to guide them through the process of setting up a Community Action Network, creating a community action plan, applying for funding, building awareness, and more.

The Taking Action handouts are part of a larger online toolkit designed to be a one-stop resource for information about the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth. The online toolkit connects youth and adults to province-wide resources, programs and service agencies that work towards addressing the sexual exploitation of children and youth.

link to the Stopping the Sexual Exploitation of Children and YouthStopping the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth

Crime Prevention Information booklet designed to assist service providers, parents/guardians, teachers, and others who are working to help prevent children and youth from being sexually exploited or to help them leave situations that are exploitative in nature.