Ministry of Justice

Community Safety and Crime Prevention


December 6
Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

A community is safest when everyone works together and supports activities that reduce crime, violence and victimization – every resident and every organization can make a difference.

Preventing Youth Involvement in Gangs

Many communities are affected by gang violence and crime. In 2006, a strategy was developed to respond to incidents of gang violence witnessed in communities across B.C. >> read more

Preventing Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth

To help communities address prostitution and the sexual exploitation of children and youth. >> read more

Preventing Crime in Your Community

Safer community programs are available to assist schools and communities in developing local solutions and to increase public awareness and support for crime prevention and community justice strategies. >> read more

Youth Against Violence Line

From schoolyard bullying to gang violence and organized crime, many people today have witnessed violence or have been victimized themselves. The Youth Against Violence Line 1 800 680-4264 provides a safe and confidential way to report an incident of youth violence or crime in B.C. To learn more, see the Youth Against Violence Line website -

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is an approach which considers the needs of victims, offenders and communities and involves these parties in addressing the harm caused by crime. To promote this approach, the Community Accountability Program (CAP) holds low risk youth and adult offenders accountable for their actions, gives victims a voice, repairs the harm caused by an offence, and helps restore balance in the community. CAPs are run by volunteers and are supported by this ministry's financial contributions. >> read more