Ministry of Justice

Our Facilities

Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Facility

Our facilities include nine correctional centres and 55 community corrections offices located across the province, including five regional offices and our head offices in Victoria. We also have a Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) that oversees our electronic monitoring operations.

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Adult Custody Centres

  • Alouette Correctional Centre for Women, Maple Ridge
  • Ford Mountain Correctional Centre, Chilliwack
  • Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, Maple Ridge
  • Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre
  • Nanaimo Correctional Centre
  • North Fraser Pretrial Centre, Port Coquitlam
  • Prince George Regional Correctional Centre
  • Surrey Pretrial Services Centre
  • Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre, Victoria

Community Corrections Offices

Our 55 Community Corrections offices are located throughout the province.

Community Corrections Facility Expansions

Offices have been upgraded or relocated to meet capacity and to better match standards recognized by our current research into effective design and security.

Status: Projects are complete in Nanaimo, Sechelt, Penticton, North Surrey, Langley and Port Alberni. Future projects are approved for Vancouver and in review for Duncan.

For more information about our facilities, please visit the Capital Projects page.

Increasing Capacity: New Capital Projects at BC Corrections

“Research into security has advanced greatly in recent years, and these new capital projects and enhancements are both increasing our security and helping us handle the new counts. They’re having a huge impact on community safety.”—Finance Manager, Capital Projects


The number of adult offenders in our custody has increased 40% since 2002. To meet the demands of this increased population, we are in the process of increasing our capacity through a $185-million building program. We are also undertaking a $40-million Accelerated Infrastructure program of 40 projects aimed at improving our existing facilities and updating our community corrections offices with new technologies and layouts that both enhance safety and increase the effectiveness of our crime-reduction programming.

New Builds

Women’s Centre at Prince George Regional Correctional Centre

Status: Now operating
Security level: Secure
Capacity: 20 cells

Surrey Pretrial Services Centre Expansion

Secure Women’s Centre at Alouette Correctional Centre for Women

Status: Now operating
Security level: Secure
Capacity: 104 cells

Surrey Pretrial Services Centre Expansion

Status: Now operating
Security level: Secure
Capacity: 216 cells

Okanagan Correctional Centre

Status: Construction slated to start in 2014
Security level: Secure
Proposed capacity: 378 cells