Ministry of Justice

Civil Forfeiture in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of two provinces that pioneered the use of civil forfeiture in Canada to deter unlawful activity by taking away instruments and proceeds of it. Today, seven provinces have civil forfeiture programs.

Since 2006, B.C.'s Civil Forfeiture Office has operated under the authority of the Civil Forfeiture Act. The Civil Forfeiture Act and Regulation allows the Director of Civil Forfeiture to initiate civil court proceedings against property believed to be the instruments or proceeds of unlawful activity.

In 2011, amendments were made to the Civil Forfeiture Act. These amendments allow the Director of Civil Forfeiture to commence administrative proceedings against property valued at $75,000 or less that is not real estate (see Part 3.1 of Civil Forfeiture Act, Administrative Forfeiture of Subject Property). These proceedings are not commenced in court, they are an administrative process.

Whether proceedings are initiated in court or administratively, they are not reliant on criminal charges or convictions arising from the alleged unlawful activity.

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The Civil Forfeiture Office is self-funding and proceeds of forfeited property are used to compensate victims and support local crime prevention and remediation efforts through the use of grants. To contact the Civil Forfeiture Office see the Contact Us page.